My focus with each of my clients is recognizing each individual as a whole person, a critical link missing in today’s conventional approach to medical care. Although medical science has made great advancements in the treatment of patients in specialized areas such as trauma care and open heart surgery, clinicians observe a dramatic rise in chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis REFERENCE. Homeopathy, whole health, and nutrition addresses healthcare as whole person care, addressing the gap between the conventional medicine and the daily maintenance of health.

I was rear ended by three cars in one year, giving me a severe neck injury and an arm that I could not move. I went to my medical doctor. I was prescribed Valium and sent to a surgeon. My options were a nerve block or surgery. I went to radiology for the nerve block. However, the nerve block did not take effect. Refusing to take Valium, I sought answers. I found relief with chiropractic treatment and exercise. I supplemented my efforts with Dr. Sears’ fish oil. I slowly but surely restored my health.

I had a melanoma diagnosis. I was treated with surgery and homeopathy. I am in remission. I am very careful to watch my sun exposure.

In both cases, natural healing restored my health. I am grateful for my health!

My journey with natural healing began in 2002. Today, I am a certified classical homeopath, a certified whole health educator and nutritional educator, as well as a certified power yoga instructor.

I graduated from Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative in Newton MA, after 3 years of study. At the Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative, we had clients from day one. I studied acute disease the first year and chronic cases the second and third year.

We healed people who suffered from abuse at a very early age. We had obese patients who mourned changes in their family that occurred during childhood, and substance abuse clients who took to substances to numb their pain. These people were healed. They are medicine free.

While at Teleosis, I witnessed the emotional blows of life and their affect on people. We are born into this world as healthy, beautiful children, who bring joy and build family. As we grow up, we face a mean, harsh, and competitive world.

I learned whole health and nutritional health at the National Institute of Whole Health, Wellesley MA. Whole Health Education® complemented my conscious desire to service others with respect, integrity, compassion, and justice. Whole health teaches that our health is affected by five aspects— the physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional and spiritual©. Homeopathy teaches that illness occurs when our vital force is out of balance.

I hope to help you realize that you are more in control of your health than you may imagine. I would like to share with you sustainable truths about health. All my treatments are based on evidence-based scientific research. I’m available Monday through Saturday, by appointment.